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New Program Aims to Help Those Severely Injured in Tennessee Vehicle Accidents

A runaway truck rolled down a hill, took a fence down and crossed over two interstate ramps before striking a guard rail. The Tennessee trucking accident ended with the truck coming to rest underneath the Interstate 26 underpass last Wednesday evening, according to Volunteer TV.

Tennessee Highway Patrol and police are still investigating what caused the truck to venture off without supervision.

Fortunately, no one was injured in this accident, but that’s not usually the case in accidents involving these large tractor-trailers. Our Tennessee truck accident attorneys understand that accidents involving these large trucks oftentimes result in serious injury — or death. Because of their large size and heavy weight, these vehicles come with a lot of force and power and have the ability to cause a lot of damage.

There’s a new program to help the victims of these accidents that involve large trucks. According to USA Today, there’s a new national program that will allow emergency responders to get much needed information from seriously injured victims in the event of an accident. This new program is fueled by the growing number of maturing Baby Boomers.

This program is referred to as the Yellow Dot Program. Here’s how it works: Participating drivers will place a yellow dot sticker on the rear windshield of their window. This is to notify emergency responders of a folder that is located in the glove box of the vehicle. This folder is to be marked with the same yellow sticker and is to contain vital information including medical conditions, emergency contacts, a photograph of the driver, prescription information and other vital information.

“It’s a promising approach,” says Jonathan Adkins, spokesman for the Governors Highway Safety Association. “Actually, this is one of the goals of automated crash notification systems. Eventually, when there is a crash, these key data such as medication needed will automatically be available to EMTs, etc. The Yellow Dot program may be a system that can be helpful in the meantime.”

The chances of survival are greatly increased when this information is readily available within the “golden hour,” or the first 60 minutes after an accident.

“The residents of the state … realize the importance of it, particularly someone with a lot of medical issues. The second group is the first responders, because they know when they arrive, if the person is unable to communicate, they know they can go to the glove compartment and get the information they need, and they can do it immediately without wasting a lot of time,” says Lora Weaver, program coordinator for the Northeast Alabama Traffic Safety Office.

The nation’s first Yellow Dot program started in 2002 in Connecticut. Yellow Dot programs are in effect in counties scattered across at least eight states.

“It is very nice to see innovative programs to address the unique risks associated with older Americans and car crashes,” says Peter Kissinger, president and CEO of AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. “Since older individuals tend to have more medical conditions, are on more medications and are generally more fragile, this sounds like a well-justified program, especially in light of the growing number of older Americans.”

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